Learning and Capacitation Programme


Seriti Institute is an Accredited Training Provider with the Education Training and Development Practices (ETDP) SETA. The accreditation is for a full qualification in Further Education and Training: Community Development focusing on Youth, NQF Level 4 with 125 credits (SAQA ID 76987). This is a Learnership programme that we intend to roll out to over 2000 CWP co-ordinators. Community development is a desirable outcome of the community works programme, and since coordinators form the management backbone of the programme their immersion in a course on community development will immediately benefit communities, as well as strengthening their skills and individual confidence.

As part of the preparation to play our role well as an accredited training provider, Seriti has embarked upon an intensive staff capacitation exercise. 5 staff members have been through a Facilitator’s Training course, 5 are undergoing Assessor training, and 2 staff will work for accreditation as Moderators. This staff capacitation exercise deepens the pool of staff in the organization which is able to play a role in this programme.

Internships and Learnerships

Seriti Institute is in advanced stages of designing a Seriti Internship, which will launch in April 2014 with at least 5 interns. Our thinking has benefited from interactions with and advice from several partner organizations, notably the World Wide Fund for Nature WWF, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. A Community Development Learnership is in the advanced stages of planning and will launch with 150 people working in the CWP.

Seriti Organization Workshop Seminar ( SOWS)

The Seriti Organisation Workshop Seminars (SOWS) is the Institute’s flagship seminar, and is now in its third year. SOWS provides a grounding in the Organization Workshop methodology. Participants gain practical skills in scoping and preparing for an OW, including preparation of the Technical Plan, and gain an appreciation of the various jobs on Crew during the workshop, and the way an OW is facilitated. In addition there is exposure to the Activity Theory on which the OW is based, and the lecture series that encompasses history of organization, social psychology and tools to manage an enterprise. SOWS participants have come from Government as well as practitioners in the civil domain, and several have moved from the seminar to become crew in Organisation Workshops.

The 2013 SOWS will be held in September, and will take as a theme, The Green Economy; community adaptation to climate change.

SARChI - Seriti Dialogues

The Institute partners with the SARChI Chair in Development Education based at UNISA to host quarterly dialogues which focus on different topics related to the broad themes of community organization and development education.

Youth Leadership Initiative

Seriti Institute is in the final stages of designing a youth initiative, in partnership with other organizations. A youth fellowship will encompass three learning modules with field assignments in between, leading into a self-selected ‘leadership challenge’ project for each participant.

Staff Seminars

These seminars are held every week and are open to all staff. Topics follow staff interest and past seminars have included an examination of community enterprise options (cooperatives, development associations, small business etc), facilitation of community process, the Moraisean theory of organization, and sustainable livelihoods.

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