Seriti Institute strengthens community organisation for social health and local economic development. It uses large scale participatory methods, and in its systemic interventions forges partnerships involving communities, government departments, non-governmental organisations, civil society and business.

Seriti's programmes are all designed to achieve social scale impact, with participation of hundreds of people and collaboration of all actors within an activity system. A coherent theory informs Seriti’s approaches, and is perhaps best expressed in the Organisation Workshop which forges organisational literacy amongst a large group of participants, while creating enterprises and social cohesion.

Seriti is one of the Implementing Agents for the South African government’s Community Work Programme, and was one of the main partners in the Kwanda reality TV show.

Seriti Institute undertook community consultations across the Platinum Belt after the Marikana Massacre and has proposed a comprehensive development plan called the Platinum Compact under the aegis of Mining Dialogues 360˚, which envisages partnership between government, mining companies and residents of mining communities as well as labour-sending areas. This proposal was been discussed widely after the 2015 Mining Phakisa, and a group of mining companies is examining feasibility of participation.