Seriti Institute strengthens community organisation for social health and local economic development. It uses large scale participatory methods, and in its systemic interventions forges partnerships involving communities, government departments, non-governmental organisations, civil society and business.

Seriti's programmes are all designed to achieve social scale impact, with participation of hundreds of people and collaboration of all actors within an activity system. A coherent theory informs Seriti’s approaches, and is perhaps best expressed in the Organisation Workshop which forges organisational literacy amongst a large group of participants, while creating enterprises and social cohesion.

Seriti is one of the Implementing Agents for the South African government’s Community Work Programme, and was one of the main partners in the Kwanda reality TV show.

Seriti Institute is a social enterprise formed in 2009 due to impetus gained by two successful innovations, the Community Work Programme and Kwanda. Each of these initiatives involved new social partnerships and capacitation of communities to undertake development activities on their own behalf. Seriti is a Section 21 company, registered as a non-profit and public benefit organisation, and governed by a Board of distinguished professionals drawn from all walks of life.

Management: Seriti Institute has a sturdy BBBEE profile and strong representation of women in its leadership. 85% of its senior managers are historically disadvantaged individuals, and 57% are women. Seriti has 150 staff working in 6 Provinces, of whom 99% are Black African.

Financial model: As a social enterprise Seriti Institute’s revenue derives from fees-for-service from its major programmes, as well as consulting assignments. As a Section 21 company there are no profits or dividends accruing to shareholders. Surplus funds are ‘ploughed back’ into community initiatives and educational activities.



SERITI Institute has its origins firmly rooted in the meanings of the word ‘Seriti’. While the word’s literal meaning is ‘dignity’ or ‘integrity’, we love the idea of Seriti, as expressed beautifully in a piece written by our colleagues at ‘Learning to Lead’. We share the piece with you:

Africa is a land filled with many wonders. The Sotho people refer to one such wonder as ‘Seriti’ or the shadow that you cast.

Mountains, trees or objects cannot cast this shadow, only humans. It is unique to you. No two are alike. In the Seriti you can read the life story of a person. It is the legacy you leave behind, the consequences of each and every choice you make.

Humans do not live in isolation, but rather cast their shadows on all those around them, they leave their footprints on the soil of Africa.

To know your Seriti, you need to be true to yourself, you need to be real. Becoming real does not happen all at once, it takes a long time. It does not happen to people who break easily or who have sharp edges. Sometimes your journey to becoming real will hurt, but when you are real you don’t mind being hurt because when you become real, it lasts for always.

Let your Seriti dance together with others to weave the fabric of your legacy.

Share, grow and discover your Seriti and Diriti of others around you. Build a legacy of your Seriti as you grow in knowledge and wisdom and as you touch the lives of others.

Be real

Celebrate your uniqueness

Cast your shadow

Leave your legacy