Seriti Institute strengthens community organisation for social health and local economic development. It uses large scale participatory methods, and in its systemic interventions forges partnerships involving communities, government departments, non-governmental organisations, civil society and business.

Seriti's programmes are all designed to achieve social scale impact, with participation of hundreds of people and collaboration of all actors within an activity system. A coherent theory informs Seriti’s approaches, and is perhaps best expressed in the Organisation Workshop which forges organisational literacy amongst a large group of participants, while creating enterprises and social cohesion.

Seriti is one of the Implementing Agents for the South African government’s Community Work Programme, and was one of the main partners in the Kwanda reality TV show.

It is with great excitement that we announce Seriti`s move to Woodmead. Our new address is 145 Western Services Road, Woodmead Business Park, Jacaranda Place, Woodmead. 

 CWP participants realised that elderly people usually spend up to two days waiting to receive their pension grants in Ventersdorp, Often under extreme weather conditions such as the scorching sun or heavy rainstorms. This situation prompted them to identify a new and useful activity in the service of the community. they are now helping with queue management at SASSA pay-points.

Region C CWP site organised a sporting event at the Davidsonville sports complex.

The event attracted a crowd from nearby communities and helped to forge unity amongst the CWP participants. The day’s activities saw different sub-sites (ward teams) playing each other on the soccer field and netball court.

When they received a donation of building materials from tourists visiting the Kruger National Park, Pfukani Rixile crèche in Belfast requested the CWP’s Bushbuckridge site to assist with the building of a dining hall. Soon, 18 male and female participants were hard at work in the construction of the hall.